Seeing some one for 2wks. he's affectionate when together. but can go days with out calling. is that normal?

He's lovable and totally opposite of ex. Its like he knows what I need. But some people say he should be calling and texting everyday? I don't want to seem needy and bug him. Every other day I'll text or what not. Its something about him that draws me. I don't want it to be because he's the first one after the 10 yr relationship with ex.. HELP.


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  • we can't win with men. no matter what if they want to they can put a bad spin on EVERYTHING :(

    • Well I mean I don't know he's attentive luvs yo be touchy and not just sexually. Like I can't explain it but when he does call or text we talk for hours... I think my sis just pushes it like she makes me second guess him. I know were getting to know each other and things shouldn't be rushed.

    • she doesn't know your relationship so I suggest she butts out and lets you get to know him. x