If a guy you are dating, doesn't text or call while he is travelling, does it mean that he has lost interest?

I have recently started dating a man. He is 38 and I'm 31. So we had three lovely dates. After the third date, he had to travel for work. Then came back fora few days and then left again for a personal trip for 10 days. So here's the thing. I don't think he is a big texter. He is fun in person, but rather dull on texts. When he is in town he texts me almost every day, just to check in. But I haven't heard from him while he is away.

Is this a sign that he is not too interested in me? In my experience a man interested would find a way to text a girl no matter how busy he is. What do you think?

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  • If a man is very interested in you, odds are that he will want to communicate with you as often as possible. I don't think that particular man is very interested. I hope I am wrong though.


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