He likes me and like him. How do we move past friendship?

So this guy I really like I'm nearly certain likes me back. He always wants to see me and texts me just to check in and just seems to get really smilely around me. But the problem is that he doesn't make a move and I'm getting so frustrated. He'll text me wanting to meet up and go swimming but he won't ask me on a real date and doesn't try to do anything that really breaches friendship. He'll touch me but it takes a lot to get him to touch me in a more romantic way even though everyone around us says that he likes me or assumes we are already dating. So how can I move things along or give him the push he needs to make a move?


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  • I think you should tell him on how you feel and ask him because guys like things that are upfront and to be honest sometimes some guys are not smartest with hints etc
    Good luck :)

  • Make a move. Tell him that you have feelings for him.