Boyfriend hasn't contacted me in 5days, he compared me to his 'lesbian 'friend, he isn't speaking to me now! What should I do?

Hi everyone. I recently posted a question about my relationship at the moment, for anyone who hasn't seen it maybe read it and you'll no what to say or help me hear. Well last Friday (5days ago) me and my boyfriend had a fight about his ' lesbian best friend' basically he's became best friends with her and will not let me meet her or any other of his coworkers. . he don't take me out on nights out with them etc, he actually starts a full on fight of I ask him. He goes out to town with this girl they get coffee and haircuts he says and food. I asked him can I go into town with them? And he shouts and says I'm trying to stop him from going ( which I'm not) he says that's his time away with his friend etc. So last Friday I was in his.. and he told me she lives on a farm. Me being a messer, I just giggled. . well he screamed ' I want you out of here before I get out of the shower , how dare u laugh at my frien, at least she's not like you drinking your horrible bottles of coke she eats healthy meals' so he basically compared Me to her? So I was shocked and I left. IT'S 5DAYS NOW. HE still hasn't contacted me since. I haven't heard him at all! ! I'm so angry and upset, I don't think I should text him, why hasn't he texted? He's been online WhatsApp and Facebook all weekend and he won't text me. I no he texts her on WhatsApp so it's making me so upset because I keep thinking he was probably out with her, while I was stuck in all Weekend :( I just don't no what to think. I no I posted this the other day but now he's just not getting in touch? Please any advice.

Thank you to everyone who replies to me. Yous are so nice, I'm trying to stay calm and focused and trying to think positive. It's just so hard when he ignores me and makes me feel so worthless. . It obviously shows that he doesn't care about me. I'll keep yous updated. I hope everyone has a nice day /week x


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  • He seems too attached to the friend but the real problem is him not letting you meet anyone of his coworkers. He doesn't seem worth it so don't stay in the relationship.


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  • Omg honey reading this made me so sad. Not anything to do with this other girl but his treatment of you in general, that you think it is okay and want him back. No, no, no.

    He sounds verbally abusive and he told you he wants you gone by the time he gets out of the shower? He doesn't take you to meet his friends?

    Sweetheart get this man out of your life, this relationship will eat away at you until there is nothing left. Please take care of yourself and go out with a girlfriend this weekend. Get your mind off of it and move on. Best

    • Thank u for writing back to me. Thank u for your answer and help. He always dose this :( he ignored me a week and then come back and act like nothing happened. Or if I say ' why didn't u text me ' he'll say if u want me come get it!!!' :( it's been 5days? :( such a waste :( I'm so sad

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  • Dump him and find someone that will appreciate you


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  • She isn't a lesbian. I read your other question and it breaks my heart that he played you so perfectly. We never want to see what is right in front of us.

    Text him to tell him you are officially breaking up with him, and follow through. No more chances; empower yourself by regaining the control here. You will feel better when it is over.