Would you get into a relationship in this situation?

Its a long story but my question is... I'm a guy that grew up dirt poor. my parents imigrated here... were poor. grew up my whole life surviving. I'm competitive but not to the point where I'm willing to screw someone over for the last piece of food.
With that said. there's this woman she's 8 yes older. Then me... she is just top notch. prestigious family. prestigious college... her dad was well known... just the complete opposite from me. BUT... she and I are pretty similar in personalities. she's the type that screw someone over for the last food... I won't. I dropped out of college h. s. college. and other things... but I'm competitive athletic... she's top notch. a fighter in life... psychics have told me she and I r compatible and I've seen it.
Would you get involved in a situation like this?


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  • Honestly, that's a tough call. Are you certain she is interested in you more than having you as a sexual partner? Because women like her usually want to date men who belong in the same class as them.

    • im positive…one because i know the signs and two because psychics have told me…and they have been right before about her...

    • and yes, i thought the same as I'm not at her level...

    • i mean , its long story...

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