Im sick of the women I meet. where can I find some good nice girls?

i keep meeting girls, but they aren't so nice. they all have some problums, bad temper, selfish, jump in to bed tonight kind of girls.. where can i find some good, classic old fation girls? becuse ill tell you one thing, i can't find them, but then again im not serching at the right places.
anyhow where do good girls go out?


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  • If you're meeting girls at the club chances are you're not going to find what you're looking for. Try going to places where you'll meet someone who has a shared interest, like the movie theater, libraries, parks, if you're in school talk to someone on campus, there's no specific place to go but certain qualities you can look for. Find out what her family life is like. Go for a girl that has a good relationship with her father, chances are she'll be a catch.

    • ya lol, that's what I want, a girl who has a good relationship with her parents

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    • ohh right I'm anonymous.. ill post "its me on one of ur posts so u know who I am

    • Lol sure thing.

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  • I here their are plentee good gurls in ingles speaking classes.

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