Do you thinks I messed it up? is he going to text?

Hey there!

I went on a date with a guy for a coffee on Saturday. It was really nice, he was really talkative and asking questions although I could tell he was shy. After our coffee we went to a bar and had a couple of drinks, he said I was really pretty and also laughed at my jokes which I think its a good sign. However, later on I said something about meeting again and he said he though i wasn't interested. (I get this a lot, sometimes people think I'm not interested when I am)

I told him I was and that I would like to see him again. We parted ways cause I had to meet a friend and he suggested another date, this time for dinner. It was all very nice.

And this is were I think I ruined it: My friend had a date and since I knew he (my date) wasn't doing anything, I texted: what are doing? He told me he was watching sports but that I could come over for a while if i wanted to hang out. So I did. Nothing happened, not even a kiss. We just talked, drink wine and he made a sandwich for me. To be honest I really liked him and just wanted to see him, he seemed really cool with everything and he was really a gentleman about the whole thing.

He walked me to the bus station and said that he didn't expected to see me again so soon but that we should see each other again. The goodbye was a bit awkard since I kind of had to run to catch a bus. Oh and there is another thing, I'm new to the city so he said that we should check if bus were still running and then I decided to leave because I realized it was getting late. He said he was never going to say that again when he was with me and that it didn't meant that he wanted me to leave, i said I knew but that just wanted to be sure I could make it home.

So I think it was all good. He was interested, he told me he was attracted to me and that he wanted to see me again. Maybe I was too eager? Maybe he thinks i'm not interested or that I go off


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  • It sounds to me like you're just looking for a lay, like you're not interested, just lusting him

    • Well nothing happened, we just talked and drank wine.

      if I was lusting him I wouldn't ask if he is interested.. and may also tried a move on him while we were in his house.

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    • Could lead to something else. They say the smallest packages, have the biggest surprises

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  • How long has it been?

    You could always send him a quick little text

    • It was on Saturday,

      something like... Hey, I had a nice time on Saturday. If you want, we could go out later in the week.

      or, how are you?

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    • Let me know how it goes makes sure to only send one don't scare him

    • I think its a no,
      He replied he was really happy to hear from me. He said that this week he is going to be busy with work and then he said that he is going out of town for work. He also said that he is sad that I can't be sooner and that sometime next week it would be great to see me.

      However, he asked me how I was, so I replied, no answer and he has been online... so, I guess its a no.