How do I get my girlfriend to agree to another woman in our bedroom?

So my girlfriend is bi and we have talked about adding another woman a few times, but she hasn't done anything to make it happen. I don't want to push the issue to hard cause it will seem like I am a little too eager!!! But she has had them before, just not with me. I have never been in one, but it is one of my top fantisies. How do I get her to want this as much as me?

Also, how would you recommend going about finding someone?


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  • I've had bi girlfriends at the same time. It can be fantastic.

    Here is what you need to know:

    Her being bi doesn't necessarily mean she wants a threesome. Read this again.
    It is not like in the movies.
    The girls MUST be into each other, or it is awkward.
    Let her pick the other woman.
    The nature of the relationship between the two of you and the other woman is very important. There are two ways it can work. Either you have to be very secure with each other, or the relationships have to be approximately equal. In the former case, the three of you have to agree as to just what kind of relationship you will have. Is it a hook up, where she shows up, then leaves, or are you contemplating polyamory and all living together?

    I know one woman who finally agreed to her husband to bring in a unicorn one time, not only was the sex not enjoyable for them, but it ruined their marriage.

    The first couple of times I had two girls was when they were together when we met and I took both of them back to my hotel room, rather than pick one. Not that great if they are not into it.

    Every sorority girl I've ever dated has had at least one sexual experience with a girl, so try to find one of them. For my bi-gfs, I was dating both at the same time in different cities; and they were both sorority girls. I asked each if they would like to meet the other, and they both said yes, and they got along really well. We all thought it was great. But keep in mind, none of us had a committed relationship.

    Unicorns are mythical creatures that some claim to have seen, but others believe do not exist. There are probably 100 couples for every true unicorn. You would have a better chance at swinging, where she can be with the other girl, and you get to watch, and you can decide if you swap or not.