I am no longer attracted to anyone?

I broke up with my ex 2 months ago after a 2 year relationship. We ended on good terms and are still friends, but it was a very sad breakup because she did everything right, but I was no longer attracted to her. A few weeks after we broke up I began liking a fellow classmate and was told by several she was single, but right before I made a move I discovered that she is in a long distance relationship that no one knew about. That hit me hard because it caught me offguard and as usual life hit me when I least expected it. After that I haven't had any attraction at all towards any girls. There is one that I thought about going for but I decided not to. I'm really busy this year so I don't know if i have the time, or if I'm even ready for another relationship. I no longer have an urge to try to date anyone while I used to be a determined guy in the romance department. Has anyone else had this happen?


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  • Yes, as a matter of fact it is quite common for me. I don't understand how it can feel so uncommon for other people.
    I rarely if ever get attracted to people. I need to create a strong bond with them before it can happen.
    As for you, it's not the same thing. I think you're still sour about your breakup and your mind is sort of blocking you from being attracted to other girls. You probably need some time.

    • Yea I think I need some time.

  • Yes it has happened to me and it will pass with time just keep yourself busy and do you for a while and don't worry


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