How to approach this really cute girl in the gym?

I recently joined the gym and over the last couple of weeks I have noticed this really cute red head, she seems to go by herself and I would love to get talking to her.

The problem is, i dont want to come across as that pervert who has been checking her out in her tight gym stuff. I've tried smiling at her a couple of times when we have crossed paths while changing machines, with no response. There hasn't even been any eye contact so im guessing she's either sick of being hit on at the gym or she thinks im ugly as sin.

So, does anyone have any tips on approaching a girl at the gym?


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  • Girls HATE to b bothered at the gym or while working out. Maybe if u leave together, initiate some conversation. Say hi or ask her name or compliment something she worked on (in a cute but nkt creepy way)...

    • yeah i thought so, literally every guy has checked her out tonight. Leaving at the same time and starting a convo then might work

  • Maybe start with small talk but nice small talk not douche, just be like talking about a machine or something and next time at the gym talk to her as well till you get her number (: just be confident good luck! Ps could you answer my last question please

    • good advice. Im just worried she's sick of being approached by guys when all she wants to do is work out.

      What was your last question? Im sorry if I overlooked it.

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