Am I a horrible girlfriend?

Me and my boyfriend (long distance) had been going out for a for about 7 months and he made me really mad one day when he didn't answer any of my calls (I do really mean stuff when I'm mad I take nothing into consideration) but i was at a competition and this guy was at the hotel we were staying at who I used to talk to but never did anything with and we mad out. I felt so bad afterwards and I told him and he was so pissed but we're still together. And today this guy he's like my little brother came and bit me on the shoulder almost close to my neck. I feel like I really bad girlfriend. What should I do


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  • Apologize and be a better girlfriend


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  • How is he like a little brother? You made out with him.
    Tell the other guy that what happened between you was a mistake and apologize to your boyfriend.


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  • Well yea you cheated on him, of course you're a bad girlfriend. And nothing you can do but not do it again.


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