Am I thinking too much? Was he ever interested?

There is this guy I like. We're been talking a lot and he would tease me, make some mean jokes about me but then give me some compliments. At first we texted quite a lot and he seemed like he was interested in knowing more about me. He would get pissed when I talk about my exes and would shut me up before letting me finish. Whenever I get pissed off at him, he gets worried and would call me and keep texting me until I don't ignore him. But when we hang out it is always in a group. I have other guy friends in that group so I call them all bros. So I even called him bro. One night he said something about it being funny for me to get a boyfriend because he always teased me on how I can't get one. So I replied okay can you introduce me to some of your friends then? Then the next day he called me up and tried to intro me to one of his friends. Then it turned into some kind of tension, which I rather not explain. We got over it though, I asked him why would he intro me to such a frd and he even admitted himself that the guy is kind of an idiot, which I didn't get his intention there. But after that day everything changed, he stopped messaging and even ignored some of my messages. Whenever we see each other we are fine, we still talk and fool around but he would never reach out anymore other then that. I tried to message him, but he's cold and ends up ignoring me. I keep having a feeling it's because he feels friendzoned so he is distancing himself, but at the same time I don't know if I'm just thinking too much and he was never interested.


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  • I would stay away if I were you. Teasing is a great sign but mean jokes aren't. The fact he gets pissed with exes smells of jealousy. Stay the hell away from that.