Single moms dating advice please?

Hey gals and maybe guys. I'm a single mom and don't like to get out much. I have to pay for a baby sitter every time I get out. And can be a little antisocial. I don't want to just get laid. And am not sur were to get out to. I'd have to go by myself and I don't click with a lot of people. In fact the only people I ever had gon out with liked me but we didn't click. And we went out once or made the gettogether call and nothing else happened. So how do you get out? Is it real common to date multiple people at one time? What shuould I lookout for? What kind of places do you suggest? Especially in the snohomish county aerea if Washington. And I'm not big on latest media or movies or really sports? So what are good conversation starters? Suggestion on how to increase my likability...,


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  • Church singles groups might be a good start


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  • Maybe you could hang out in places where you can have the benefit of talking to other single parents like the playground for example. Or you can try talking to people online.


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  • online dating DOES NOT WORK. i have tried multiple sites and nothing. dont waste ur time or money. i have a REALLY hard time as well meeting someone. im 25 from maryland. how about urself?

    • I'm 35 in washinton state. Yea I've still been trying that. Not many people to click with on line. Hard to really get a feel for them.

    • would you like to chat sometime? message me.

  • Don't get pregnant. loololololololololo


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