Girls, I saw a beautiful girl at a wedding a few days ago and she looked interested?

So I saw a beautiful/sexy girl at a wedding a few days ago and she kept looking at me, but she just stayed at her table with her family so I couldn't talk to her. I guess she's shy?

I was thinking about asking the bride's friend who the girl was, but I don't know the friend at all except through my friend- I was someone's plus 1.

What can I do to find out? Then how can I start talking to her casually without sounding too forward or weird?


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  • Tell your friend to ask the bride's friend who the girl was. And try to contact her through facebook and all that.

    • He's being annoying and won't help me lol. What do you think would be a good opener on Facebook?

    • Why doesn't he help you out?
      Honestly, there is no good opener that would not indicate that you purposely searched for her.
      You can try telling her that you saw her at the wedding and that you're interested in getting to know her better.

    • I'm not sure why. I think you're right- the thing is I'm interested in other girls so I don't want to make it obvious that I'm interested in the girl from the wedding. There's a decent chance these girls might know each other...