How do I attract a girl with morals and goals?

im really not in the position to date at the moment. i need to dress better and get a vehicle. I am a goal chaser I've grown up poor and i just can't do it its not for me lol. I want to find or really meet some good women. I know not all but most women today look for guys with money or want to be with them for looks. i look handsome if i say myself just not drop dead gorgeous. i want to meet a women that looks who you are on the inside and out sees the little things in you that makes you you. i fear i live in a world that i dont belong in. By saying that i mean in a world where no one can understand me. I've been hurt bad and currently am hurting. ig i love fr instead of just saying it like most folks. Last chick i dated didn't care about me at all wouldn't even let me see her but said she still said she loved me. i broke up with her and two days later she suckin my friends dick and this has fucked me up all the way. i dont even try to talk to females anymore cause i feel im waisting time but i do want some one by my side a real relationship


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  • It's not really about attracting, it's more about meeting and dating and realising if she fits you or not. Finding the one by trawling through the rest.


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