Do girls think I'm an itimidating guy?

Okay so I'm 17 years old in highschool almost done with it and never had a girlfriend before. At first I thought it was because I wasn't good enough but in last year or so my confidence has increased drastically soo anyways I was wondering why girls never approach me try to talk to me they ignore me I always have to say the first word to get her attention (which I don't mind doing) but is it because I'm "intimidating" I'm not trying to brag at all in anyway but every girl I've met 9/10 has called me either really hot or cute, I do have a strong jawline and a lean/fit physique. Also I'm pretty confident for the most part, not needy, not afraid to talk to girls what could it be? P. s I'm not an asshole guy either I'm guinely a nice, respectful person


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  • Considering you said you're a pretty attractive guy, I have no idea. If you really are genuinely nice then I really don't see why you haven't had a girlfriend haha, I don't know if this happens everywhere but I do know that at my school all the girls go for assholes :P maybe you're liking in the wrong place? Anyway, I'm really sure you'll be fine and it'll all turn out good. If you like someone, if say take the firsts step and ask them out, the worst they could do is say no and if they do don't give up, keep trying~ yes, I just realized how corny I sound xD anyway, good luck and you'll be fine


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