My crush's best friend likes me?

Ignore the title (lol)
My crush and I both like each other. We're just at that awkward stage where we don't want to admit it to each other. Anyway, we hung out last weekend. This time was different though, he invited his best friend and introduced me to him. I'm assuming this is so he can have his friends approval of me. We all had an amazing time together. Afterwards, his friend added me on Facebook and messaged me two days later. He texts a lot. I'm freaking out now.. Do you think my crush put him up to this hoping I spill some information about myself or does he genuinely like me? I'm so confused because I like my crush, not his best friend. What do you guys think?


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  • I believe his best friend genuinely likes you, that's why he's putting tremendous amount of effort in order to talk to you.

    • Likes as a friend or like likes me?

    • I think he genuinely likes you, not as a friend.