Guy adds a random girl and I'm his only other friend, is he trying to make me jealous?

So the guy who says he is interested in me, and wants another chance, saw a guy had commented on my picture on my facebook, said I looked beautiful, he got really moody about it, said I saw what that guy wrote on your page.
This was a few weeks back (he lives overseas so our main communication is through facebook)
I was planning and going to see him this month, and told him that, everytime we speak, he would asked have you booked your ticket yet.
Yesterday he added a girl on facebook (he has two friends me and this one other girl on his facebook)
I looked at her page, it says she is in a relationship, and there's a picture of her with a girl, but in there is some revealing photos, I went through them, it linked me to a page on facebook, which was a sex page, and in the pics was hers, and direct link to her facebook, so it seems he has clicked from that page, and added her on her own facebook

Is he trying to make me jealous
get a reaction out of me?
If so what would you do?


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  • Do you like him?
    If so tell him on Facebook that if he acts this childish that it's a turnoff and he should find ways to make you laugh not make you jealous.
    Do you not like him?
    Tell him he's being immature and you know he's trying to make you jealous. Tell him you were going to book a ticket but now that he did something like that, you cancelled it. Lie saying it cost you money to cancel it and tell him that you would rather spend money to NOT see him then waste your own time to meet him IRL.
    Just see him as a friend?
    Tell him he's immature and if he wants to be friends he should try to make you laugh.

    • So do you think he was trying to cause a reaction from me, to see how much I like him, as in the past, he commented on a girls pic before I met me (it was a while before) he said it was a nice picture, and I reacted said, if he was interested in the girl, I don't want to be with someone who is interested in dating me and others, if that was his intention. he said no your the one I want. I have very strong feelings for him, and i've told him this, but he's put himself down a lot. What should I do?

    • Guys will be physically attracted to other girls whether or not they're in a relationship. What is really important is that he doesn't act on it, but that all depends on his upbringing and the communication skills between you two. If you tell him he can be open with you, and you act open with him it will reduce the chances of him (or you) cheating on each other.

      As for his low self esteem, if it isn't a mental problem (like clinical depression) you have to encourage him to make himself better. Is he a bit overweight, make a cute challenge between the two of you to get healthier. Does he think he's ugly, ask him if he thinks you're ugly. When he tells you you're not, tell him you wouldn't be with someone ugly, you would only be with someone as equally handsome as you are beautfiful, and thats why you want to be with him.

      If he doesn't cheer up, he doesn't respond well to your actions, he doesn't communicate his feelings to you, and he doesn't help himself. Sadly you need to move on.

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  • No, he didn't do it in order to get a reaction out of you. He simply added her because he thought she was hot. That's all there is to it.

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