When a girl can't take her hands off you - is that love or lust?

Whenever we are together she will find ways to slide her hands into my clothes or pants. Even if she doesn't want sex. Not saying she is teasing as she never says no when I want it.

I asked if she is always like that, she told me no and I'm the only person she feels this way with.

She is like a model and I'm just an average Joe, I'm not well built or muscular. I never had a woman all over me like this before.

Ladies do you do this to your man?


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  • Yes. I love just touching him in general and it has nothing to do with physical appearance. My guys chubby and I love to just caress him. Especially his facial hair its so soft.

    • We haven't said the L word yet.. does that mean she loves me? Do you love your guy?

    • We have not said it either. But I feel I do. Its just something about him that draws me too him. I just love being around him.

    • Sounds good

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  • You might want to check if her hands are not glued to you.

    • LMAO checked and I'm sure it's not ;)

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