My girlfriend is mad at me and won't reply to texts. What do I do?

Ok So here is the full story:

On Saturday I was drunk at a party and texted her idiotic things. I told her she was boring because she was replying in one word sentences, however she believes I meant she was boring in general. I think she's also upset because I didn't invite her to the party and I talk to other girls (who are really good friends). The next morning I immediately apologised, but she did not reply. That evening, i messaged her asking her why she was upset. She responded saying that she didn't really want to be with someone who found her boring. So i explained how I asked her to go to the city with me, to my formal, how i travelled far to meet her. I said "This has to be proof that I dont find you boring" to which she replied "I.. guess".

She then said "I missed you today" and I said the same back. We talked for a bit and I said I had to go to sleep. I said "talk tomorrow?" to which she replied "mhm". The next day we didn't message till night time. I had to message first with a 'hey' and she replied with a 'hey'. I asked her how she was and she replied saying she was exhausted as she had worked a lot and cleaned up her room that day. I then said I was tired too to which she replied "im so dead". I then said "dont work yourself too much" to which she replied "mhm have a nice day". Later today at school I messaged her asking if we could meet tomorrow, to which she has not replied, even though she has been online.

I am thinking of calling her tonight. Please help me, i dont want this relationship to end. I really like her and am willing to do anything.


P. S we are both 17, going out for 2 months. Everything was going fine before this happened. Last time i met her was 1 week ago.


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  • I think it's best for you two to talk things through in person and not through texts.