Which makes for a sexier man, instrument wise?

  • One who plays the sax
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  • Or one who plays the piano
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  • Lol... recorder
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Guitar and drums.
    Saxophone is cool tho.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Interesting that you didn't say guitar.

    Sax is very 70s and 80s. Piano, I can't see that working. No shit, if it were some kind of hippy event, the recorder would attract the most tail.

    • Yeah I can play Christmas songs like nobodies business on recorder

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    • Thats will be awesome the whole exchange thing would be really cool. If I am able to get the chance I want to go hotshot then smoke jumper but that is gonna be tough, my uncle was a structural fire fighter and one of his buddies said" do you know why there is such a thing as wildland fire-fighters? Because ever structural fighters need heroes " lololo... Oh man a teacher... that must be brutal well depending on what grades you are teaching

    • It is brutal to be honest but nothing like firefighting. I worked elementary when I was younger (which was great--best teaching job ever), but now work with adults, college-age and up. Not nearly as fun. :)

      I should have added: The exchange thing is becoming a yearly thing because (apparently) no country can afford the necessary number of specially trained firefighters. But with the new normal of yearly massive fires, it's becoming an every-year thing. I would not be surprised if you found an Australian girlfriend because people in fire-affected communities REALLY appreciate their firefighters and seriously go all out to show it. You will know that you are appreciated and unlike any tourist you'll have real chances to interact with local people.

      It is a borderline insane job. So necessary. Can't even really imagine it, myself.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Piano for me. But I'm a pianist... so... I'm biased.

  • Bring on the woodwinds!


What Guys Said 4

  • *generic sexual inuendo regarding blowing*
    *generic sexual inuendo regarding the female form as an instrument*
    *Generic closing joke about another instrument which is innately not sexy*

    Really there's only one thing I know how to finger all it's holes then apply the lips and make it sing... well in all honestly the only instrument I can play is the bugle/huntinghorn. Not too much of a chick magnet but you can hear me practice from the far end of the valley... yay.

  • I think more girls would choose the Sax :) I'll vote 'A'

  • the Triangle x3

  • I play the skin flute

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