Help? My bestie downloaded a fake texting app to see if our bfs would go for it. Hers didn't but mines did. Is this wrong?

So she end up fooling my boyfriend and she ended up telling him that it was all a lie and she was gone tell me. Will it be wrong for me to keep treating him the same way and not letting him know I know?


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  • I'd talk to him about it if I were you. It seems to me like your guy would easily betray you if he had the chance to do so.

    • That's exactly what I wanna do, but he don't know I no. How do i confront him.

    • OK I talked to my boyfriend this morning and he said one of my friends was stupid crazy. I acted dumb and asked him what was he talking about. He said you'll find out but he refused to tell me what it was

    • He is trying to do some damage control.

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