I can't make decisions, i am so confused. I am STUCK, i am 23 and i live at home, i literally wasted my life away not knowing what i want which way to go, im 23 and i wanted to model or acting, i have the looks. I live in a small town of 180.000 people and i feel like i won't be discovered here or there are any chances here, but i am scared to move to a bigger city because i have no goal, no friends, or family. How can i create my chances, i tried agencies, photo s applying, i tried catwalksnone of it worked. Should i move or stay in my hometown? or it doesn't really matter where you live?


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  • It's good to be ambitious, but soon you realize that this rat chase never ends, once you have accomplished something you'll want more and more. The key to happiness is to put your best foot forward, hope for the best prepare for the worst, and be content in what you get.

    • thats not an answer to my question

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    • my question is does it matter where you live?

    • It does, but it doesn't have to.

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  • You probably need to find something else to do besides modeling and/or acting. Is there anything else in life that would be your passion?
    I don't think being in a small town can help you with your goals. You probably need to move to a bigger place if you truly aspire to be a model, otherwise it's nearly impossible.

    • but how do you become one? do you mean i might get discovered?

    • If you put yourself out there and if you are truly what they are looking for, you might get discovered. You should take a chance though.

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  • You sound pretty much like my life I have felt the same feeling for years now. You have a friend on here , me! If you need someone to talk too , I'm here and willing to listen to what ever your have to say. Your not alone!

  • Are you an actress? I am filmmaker working in the industry and finishing school. You have a head shot reel or any other work you can provide about yourself?


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