Short girls, are you intimidated by really big guys?

I'm a big guy (6'6" 260 lbs), and I have always been attracted to short girls. Some short girls seem very interested in me, but when I approach them, things usually seem very awkward between us, like they're really uncomfortable even talking to me. A female friend suggested that maybe part of the problem is that small girls are intimidated by really big, tall guys. Do you think this is true.



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  • Yeah, I'm intimidated a little by huge guys, it can be uncomfortable.

    • Why is that? Do you think we're more likely to harm you?

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    • That's true, unfortunately :P It's why average height guys are actually better for me. Obviously it doesn't make too much of a difference because my boyfriend's 6 foot, so I get over the awkwardness, but it's just not something I prefer.

    • Ok, good to know.