Girls why do you prefer texting over calling?

Well I know its not all girls but most that I have know hate calling I don't know why?


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  • 1.) its easier to hold a conversation and there isn't any awkward silences.

    2.) you can talk to others at the same time and even talk about the convo your having with the dude..

    3.) I'm just more open when I'm texting.. like sometimes when I'm on the phone ill think of something to say but I don't because I'm afraid of how it will sound.. so texting just lets me get it out..

    4.) its an easy way to keep in touch... like if you have something short to say.. for instance.. my fiance always wants to know like my plans for the day and when ill be home and stuff... so that way if I'm late and he needs to get ahold of me he can look back and see that I was supposed to be at my sisters or something like that and call there to see if I'm okay if I'm not answering my phone..

    haha I dunno.

    • Im so confused! this just spawns more questions :(

      i don't enjoy texting

      but watev. tiz not a big deal

      thanks =D

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    • Uhmm, I like mario. That's really the only video game I ever play.

      Unless its like tetris or something like that.. I've never heard of the one your talking about!

      so maybe... I am too good :)

    • You've never heard of geometry wars? :( what guys do you know in your life?

      this is a shame! a sin! I needs to be fixed!

      And why do you think your too good?>3

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  • Because phone calls get awkward when there are pauses, and you can really say anything without being really embarrassed, also you can be any where by parents or friends without bothering them or even watching a movie.

  • um depends which piece is cut first.

    im greedy and like the ones with alotta icing.

    so more than likely, if its a corner piece with like a big flower that I had today :) I take it.

    However, I usually give the icing away when I'm low on milk.

    • Hahahah greedy and selfish! :P

      which is awesome cause I think the same way lol

      why did you have cake today? any special occasion?

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    • Lol! it give you a reason to indulge! I do the same thing =D

      you have a fiance? how old are you?

    • So true! to bad they gave me a stomach virus along with the cake..

      sure do! I'm 19.

  • i think I'm too good because I've never heard of it!

    lol, all the guys I know talk about modern warfare..

    • Wait would you not be that good cause you have never heard of it.

      have you ever tried modern warfare?

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    • Nah, I'm sure I just sucked!

      i love chocolate cake! with buttercream icing.. I actually had a big piece today.

      and red velvet. with cream cheese icing :)

    • Ok! I do not except that answer that's what one of my friends said once she got to be better then me! :( she still is

      ok lets say its your cake and no ones cut it! so its still fresh and you have to cut the first piece? will you keep the first piece or pass it and after everyone has one you get the last?

  • to avoid awkwardness or rejection...sometimes we can say things easier in a text.. and express ourselves more...its all about being confident and more girls just feel more confident when doing it..thats all


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