Girls, If you lack self esteem yourself, would you consider dating a guy who also lacks it, or is he another undateable freak to you?

if you lack self esteem , would you consider dating a guy who lacks it also or is a guy like this just a huge instant turn off for you?


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  • I don't think I lack self esteem too much, but I've struggled with it in the past.

    If I otherwise like him, him suffering from low self esteem in no way makes me like him less. If anything it makes me want to care for him and make him feel better because I know not liking yourself hurts

    I hope you're okay Asker <3

    • Thankyou. There are decent people in the world. Just you asking if I'm ok has brightened my day.
      Much thanks :)

    • Aw I'm glad <3 . I wish you lots of luck in your life <3