Guys, why would you reach out to a girl who said mean things to you when you last spoke?

This guy who I started talking to again after a few months (we had stopped talking over issues), came back into my life apologizing for taking our friendship for granted and wanted to know if I would consider trying to date him again. Something was off and it took a month but I found out from an anonymous person that he had knocked a girl up barely a month after him and I had stopped talking and was 'dating' her and trying to hook up with me or get me back. I told him off and said quite a lot of mean and extremely rude things including that he was a lowlife loser whose Mama didn't raise him right. I was angry and hurt because I had real feelings for him. I really went low with my words though and then blocked his number.

Now it's been 4 months and I get a message from him (social media) telling me how his friend had seen me, and that he was glad to hear that I'm doing fine.

Why? Is he that much of a loser that he's willing to get desperate enough to message me and hoping I reach out to him again? He probably got caught cheating with his baby mama and needs a place to go or a bed to lie in. I ignored the message and will not be responding. Don't ask me why I care as I don't have feelings for him. I'm asking this question because I'm just CURIOUS because I know people reach out when they get lonely and desperate but to me after I said some evil things and he knows I'm the type who is not weak (as he tried to sleep with me on several occasions in the past and it never happened).


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  • its all part of my plan on getting even ;)

    hahaa no but seriously like it seems he wants to reconcile and make it right.

  • He knows that you had real feelings for him, and that makes him think he still has a chance. Scumbags are very forgiving, usually, and that'd be why he talks to you after you said all those horrible things to him.


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