Honestly why is it so hard to meet a nice guy nowadays?

I'm 17 and I've never been in a relationship. I used to have a giant crush on this one guy in my hometown before I moved to the city (and 1000 miles away) and he slowly but surely forgot about me :/ it was kinda nice because we talked about being more serious but now it's like i feel like a fool pining for someone that far.
a lot of the guys in my hometown are taken or they seem uninterested in me.
i don't think im TERRIBLE looking, i think im decently funny and easy to be around, why is it so hard to find a quality guy who just wants to watch harry potter movies with me, drink coffee, and have sex?
or a quality guy who doesn't kiss other girls behind my back and always texts me back lol.


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  • It gets better when you're out of high school

    • I just recently started College so hopefully it does it get better for this nerdy girl hahah

    • Yeah your world expands so much and you meet so many cool people and can start gravitating towards the cool guys who'll Potterthon with you whilst sipping on coffee and afterwards have sex! They're out there!

    • That is my dream hahahah i believe you :P

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  • They're out there girl! You might feel like you'll never find him, but be patient and you will! And whatever you do, don't settle!

    • Thank you my Lady. (: Lol XD

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  • What do you mean nowadays, are you saying it was easier before?

    And I dont think its that hard, are you actively trying to meet guys?

  • Find a guy in his 20s with no friends and you've got what you're asking for

    • that isn't what im asking for lol. i really just want someone who is good for me realistically it just seems like most of the good guys are either taken or they're busy or something. and than it's like i never see them again :"(

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    • That's amazing; you do seem do very educated on this topic. In order to find a person you deem worthy of dating... you go through a huge order of elimination. Anyways, thank you for being so sweet and taking the time to help me understand this better honestly. And I think you will find a lovely lady soon enough (:

    • I hope so, but I've been disappointed plenty of times before. I'll find somebody one way or another though

  • and have sex? HAHAHAHA, I had to deal with that before. My girlfriend wouldn't have sex because she was supposedly a rape victim.

    • OH well i was more or less just being sarcastic. i just want someone who is good for me and is funny and has things going for him but it seems like that is a rarity nowadays. and that sucks lol

  • Dont go out of your way to look for a guy,, as a lad myself who has had knock back after knock back i can emphasise in a way and yet I never follow my own advice.. just concentrate on you and dont let guys dictate to you how you feel about them.. if a guy likes you for you then they will let you know but also know the signs that they may have the same reservations about girls... just take each day as it comes


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