Can I ask what's going on without telling him I love him?

I don't necessarily want to "confess my love" for him. I simply want to ask if there could be anything going on between us. Is that strange?
This is my best friend by the way. We've had some flirty history.. and I've developed feelings for him.
how do I do this without making things awkward?


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What Guys Said 1

  • No matter what you do, it will be awkward. Trust me.
    If you don't do it, you will live in doubt and suffer, cause you don't know how he feels towards you. This will be awkward, but only for you.
    If you do and he rejects you, it will be easier to move on, now that you now there is no chance. This will be awkward.
    If he accepts you, it will only be awkward at first but then it's a dream come true


What Girls Said 1

  • No, I don't consider it strange at all. He's your friend, so talking to him about such things shouldn't be difficult to you. Even if he says that there is nothing going on more than friendship, he will still be your friend.

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