Where do I go to run into more atheist guys in person?

Apart from the burning pits of hell, of course. ;)

But yeah, atheists seem to be everywhere online, and yet I've never dated a fellow atheist. Obviously that wouldn't be the only factor, but it might be nice to be with someone who shares similar views. I'm considering looking out for a meetup for free-thinkers or something.

So... where do you guys hang out?


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  • lol , anywhere really.
    The thing is there's no "chur... okay I digress.
    There might be a "Church" of atheists but none of my atheist friends actually go to "church" and I doubt if you'll want to go to one of them "atheist" meet events.
    That's where you'll find the militants and radicals who spends hours upon hours debating futilely with people on the internet.

    Statistically , America is about 22.8% non-believers.
    So at about 1/4 , the believers are still in the majority so I can believe that they are harder to find but statistics also find a positive association between people of a higher education and higher social classes with atheism.

    Now put them together and what you'll find is it is probably more likely to find people who are atheists or just irreligious in parts that are associated with the educated and the higher caste.

    I can't give a specific location of course , because that does vary by regions but here's some clues anyway.

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      I don't think the survey was that precise in its options definition.

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  • Atheists tend to be near/interested in limitless information.

    You want to find atheists? Look for nerds. Technology.

    When you have more information than you should, you're generally educated about multiple religions, and are free to come up with your own beliefs.

  • Atheists only make up 2-6% of the United States of America. I suspect there's more but that's what comes up in polls.

    I do things that other guys probably do.. I frequent nerd hobby stores and video game stores. I can be found in the computer lab a lot at my college. I hang out to play cards at aforementioned nerd hobby shops. I go jogging so I guess I could be found on the side of the road. I don't drink or anything like that so I couldn't be found at a bar or partying really. This stuff is just me though.. Everyone is different. I usually do all this shit with my religious friends too haha

  • We hang out in churches;P Nah anywhere with a sense of humor... a lot of times we are out doing activities and not sitting down and praying to the flying spaghetti monster. Think group clubs, tennis, soccer out-doorsey stuff... oh and it helps to weed down the atheists if you do these activities on saturdays or sundays:P

  • I think a lot of people around you are probably atheist, they just don't wear a flag that identifies them as such. Yes, no? That could be it.

  • Awwwwww shit, I was going to say the burning pits of hell


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  • Anywhere they are the most generic in the bunch

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