How do I get a guy to like me?

Okay so like I'm not the most PRETTIEST girl in the world, but I think I'm somewhat attractive lol I just I really like this guy and I don't know how to make him like me, we don't have much in common and I barely talk to him but oh jesus he's so gorgeous. And he's new in my chem class and he sits next to me, I have no idea what to say to him but my god I get so nervous lol how do I even make him or a guy like me.-. I've only kind of talked to one guy before, never actually have had a relationship or anything like that.-. HELP


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  • It comes natural you can't force a guy to love you

    • hahah clicked to view all comments and you said pretty much exactly what i said, except more to the point haha :P

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    • @Suhmer lol that's actually a great quality to have because you won't be boring and I've come across so many women that just give dry boring responses xD I talk a lot and I try to keep things interesting but it's hard when the a person is very very boring haha

    • yeah deffo, I love guys who talk a lot because then there's never any silence :D

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  • You shouldn't have to work to get a guy to like you. It doesn't work like that. If he is attracted to you, it will happen pretty early on. It is not possible to force somebody to like you, if he was going to like you he just would. It can't be defined.
    If you want to open yourself up to him for him to realise he could like you however, find out what you have in common, then talk about it/do it. There's no point even trying to get with him if you have nothing in common, because it just wouldn't work. Attraction comes natural, so don't worry, it will happen when you meet the right person, it shouldn't have to be forced :)


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  • Sneak into his bedroom, read his journal to discover his deep secrets, when he comes home ask him out.


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