I really like this girl, but I don't know what to do as it would be really awkward if she knew?

So Basically I really like this girl, she is amazing, she's the most wonderful person I've ever known. But there's a couple of issues, I've never had a girl friend I don't even know where to start.

Secondly, she is sort of my brothers ex


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  • lol talk about awkward xd... start with talking to her, try to see how she feels about you, etc.

    • I wouldn't know how to go about finding out how she feels about me

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    • What if she does feel for me, but also would feel awkward with being my brothers ex?

    • Then either get over it or her..

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  • You should talk to your brother first about what's going on. Unless you think it's alright to hook up with brother's ex. If he's ok with it, then let her know that you're into her and want to take her out and see if something will come out of it.

    • I don't see it being anything wrong, but it could be very awkward

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  • Omg you should totally write her a love letter. 😊 im just kidding. Start from building friendship first. You don't have to own her to love her. Go on group date group outing casual date slowly try to date her. When I say date it means it can be anything simple , say.. you are going for shoe shopping or looking for something in the mall.. ask her if she wants to come along with you or not.. start small.. from then you try to see what's he reaction and so on. Good luck 😊


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