Should I suggest meeting up?

Hi! Might seem like a generic question but just want some unbiased insight on my specific situation :)

I met this guy about a month ago. We've hung out a few times, with friends and once alone. Two weeks later I went away on vacation for a couple of weeks, so we kept in touch via messaging. He is super sweet, tells me how into me he is, compliments etc. All this time, he's saying how much he can't wait to see me again etc. The day I got back, he went away on a weekend trip (this past weekend). When he got back, he invited me to grab dinner with him but I happened to be dead tired and so I declined. His messaging is dwindling down, he'll send me pictures sporadically and text good morning/night. We used to message all day, so now it is definitely much less. I dont know if there's a reason behind this.. maybe there isn't. But wondering if its a good idea to ask him for dinner since I declined the first time? I really like him but I'm afraid I'm not expressing this enough and causing him to back off?


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  • He's probably tired of waiting on you, which isn't a ding against you at all. From what you've described, you met at a weird point in life when a number of things got in yours and his life, which happens often. He's probably assuming one thing and you're assuming another, so if anything, its a communication error as he doesn't know you well enough to understand the context behind those events.

    Keep after him but stop if he declines you asking him out. He's got his opinions and you have your own.


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  • It's a great idea. So what if you declined the first time?
    Take a chance and ask him out.