Is it ok for a young teen boy to date someone way older?

i'm 16 and i find myself attracted to older women
from at least 24 - 46

im not that interested in some of the girls at my school expecially the young ones.
i like some seniors and a few of the teachers but no one near my age really unless they look way older

like i see older women all gthe time and it drives me nuts is it ok if i be with them?
not saying i will do anything with them but if i do thats personal

and do you think they'd be interested in me?

if they are it doesn't make them child molesters...
especially if i agree to it, i come on to them first and we dont do anything


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  • Being the fact you're 16, it wouldn't be very good if you were with a woman that much older than you. And as far as your comment about child molesters, it's still considered rape if you were to get it on with a woman over 18, consensual or not.

    I would either stuck to girls your age or only slightly older or just wait until you're at least 18 to persue older women.

    • yeah i asked a friend about this he said its not a good idea thatd the woman would be a child molester but women who are older or moms they are so attractive to me id date someones mom who was in my class not them and i wouldn't get it on until i was at least 17 id try not to know but she gets me in thst... mood which is very easy to do with older women I don't know if i could stop myself

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  • Nope only if that young teen boy is 18. Is in a different country with different laws or in a state that says you have to be at least 17

    • i hate that law i know there's some older woman out there who would get with me and can't even do it

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