Not sure what is up with this guy, advice/ input?

He's 25 and I am 22 both would like a relationship talked off and on for a couple weeks then decided on my days off Id come visit we live 3h1/2 away so I was staying I went over after work on Monday we instantly got along great went out for dinner and stayed up really late watching movies he had to work that day and had boxing after he left in the morning for work & stopped at home between when he had to go to boxing he got home we hung out before going out for dinner on the way back from dinner he asked when he could see me next I said I could the same time next week since he's helping a friend out his days off he seemed pretty happy about me saying next Monday when we got back to his place we just cuddled and watched a movie ended up going to bed a little earlier that night since we were up so late and his job is physically demanding so he was pretty exhausted
today is where I get a little unsure and confused he had to work late so I would have been home really late so we just agreed to say goodbye in the morning I left around noon by the time I got packed and had a shower we talked off and on during the morning and I casually mentchioned it more like a statment about me coming on Monday still (because of what we were talking about) and he just responded with 'yeah Id like you to come hehe' little later he made a comment on how I had a long drive I just said yes but I dont mind since I enjoyed meeting him and he seemed pretty happy about that with his responce then I left shortly after and sent him a text just letting him know I'd left he sent a text about an hour later (hes work still) saying 'ok take care it was nice to meet you see ya soon' which I responded to saying it back basiclly
We alternate between text and snapchat so when I got home I sent a text saying home and asked how work was and snapchat selfie. 20mins ago he opened and ignored me then sent a story of him being off having a beer and watching the hockey game now im confused at the suddon ignoring


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  • Periods are a thing, grammatically-speaking, lol.

    Anyway, it sounds like he just has a life outside of whatever you two have, which in turn, sounds like the beginnings of a long-distance relationship. Let him watch his game and wait for him to tell you about his evening.

    If he starts being quiet for long periods of time (like a week or so), talk to him and see where his head's at. If he ignores it, cut him loose.

    • I know. I had all my grammar in that originally however; it made it to long by taking them out I was able to fit it all..

      Ya, I've never dated someone more than an hour away. I'm just so used to everyone always answering me so fast. That with him being the only person who doesn't, it just throws me off a bit I guess.

    • In any long distance relationship, communication is key. Even with cellphones, snapchat, and other forms of near-instantaneous cyber-communication, distance tends to make information travel slowly. Sometimes, too slowly for one or both partner (s). And when information is passed along fast enough, one can get ideas... scenarios that play out because the brain's looking for a reasonable rationalization for the problem.

      Like I said, give it time. You'll know what's going on within a week, I can promise you that.

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  • Don't over think it... You both just met, you haven't even slept together... You don't know him, hi habits, likes, dislikes... Take a breath, he's just chillin with some beer "watching the game"... Some guys are into their sports.

    • actually yes we did end up having sex the second day of being together and he did check a sports game when I was there to see the score and I did notice he gets extremely into it

    • Ok... There's your answer :)
      You both are still new to each other... My guess he has had a few beers and is a little tipsy, and really into the game... Just give him a little space and see what happens ;)

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