Girls, 18-24 would you be willing to a date a guy like me?

Girls, 18-24 would you be willing to a date a guy like me?
I shave my head from a benign medical condition, I'm 5'9, can't tan at all really and I admit got high standards only want something real, I'm kinda old school and prefer face to face rather than a whole buncha texting. And even like older style rock etc as opposed to today's music. Anyway be honest if you could date a guy like me, or if you couldn't whether it was due to physical attraction not being there etc, I'm only 20 by the way

  • Yes I think you look good and sound decent I'd give you a shot if you approached me
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  • Sorry i don't find you attractive
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  • Sorry while I don't think you look bad I couldn't get past no hair so young
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I'm a Girl

Here's another not so great pic of me, they always say to put one not so fabulous one to show people the full scope
I guess I can afford to have high standards
I'm not sure what this site does to my picture links over time, sorry about that


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  • Id date you, there's something about your eyes that i really like. But i definitely prefer you with facial hair, even if its just a little scruff :)

    • The scruff is unfourtubately the most I can grow due to my effluvium condition, it thinned hair on my entire body (luckily on eyebrows it's not noticeable unless you look at old pics where they were darker. However no hair wouldn't be an issue for you

    • No, no hair wouldn't be an issue for me. especially if i got to know you and you were a humble and fun guy - a guy that can make me laugh and smile - is all i care about

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  • I don't know maybe it's the first picture with facial hair vs. the second one without it but you're not a bad looking guy.

    You're easy on the eyes and you nsje the bald look work for you... Well at least when you have facial hair/features. You seem like a sweet guy so why not? :)

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    • I can but the more it grows the more you notice how thin it is

    • Well I like how it is and how you look in your picture :)

  • Sorry, not really my type :x

    • You're entitled to your opinion as I am to mine, could I ask which you voted? If it was more hair or just overall

  • If you were a bit older I would. =)

  • . i think you look okay