Am I running away from him?

well, I will basically move away due to my studies. I have 2 options abroad. Plan A has been in my mind for a while, whereas Plan B was a second option. With Plan A, I will be home more often, but with Plan B, I will probably move away permanently cause it's further away...

i met a guy few months ago, but we are not dating, just flirting. However, he is taken and I am aware that there might never be anything... even though I want him really badly, and he is also interested, but nothing can happen, because he is in a relationship.

At the moment, I just feel like going away to forget, and the further the better (Plan B). Nevertheless, I don't really want to forget him since I really really want him and then Plan A would be better, cause I will be home more often.

I know that I shouldn't consider him, but since I really want him, he is clouding my choice...
I feel that sticking to Plan A, might eventually lead to get to know each other better...(we've been talking a lot already)
But maybe Plan B is better in order to forget him (even though I don't want to forget him, but this might be the best thing...)


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  • Get yourself right before you worry about another. Do NOT let anyone dictate the course of your life.

    There are plenty of men out there, unattached, that will eagerly get to know you. Likely, they will even be at the location you'll be going to in Plan B.

    Trust your gut and make the decision that feels right for you. If it were me, I'd go with Plan B.

    • right now i feel like going to plan B, but Plan A is kind of better in terms of prestige etc
      so it's quite hard...
      i want to forget him, but at the same time i don't want to.

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