How can I approach this girl at gym?

This girl stares at me a lot while I'm at the gym an almost feels like she goes out her way to get in my line of sight and don't get me wrong she is a beautiful women but I just don't know how to approach her, what could I say or do


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  • Just go near her whenever she doesn't look very busy and tell her "Excuse me, I am /introduce yourself" wait till she introduces herself and then tell her "I was wondering... would you like to grab a cup of coffee with me after exercize?"


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  • Make eye contact, walk over, and introduce yourself. Muster up your courage and if you have to fake confidence (not cockiness, confidence), do it.

    You'll never know if you don't ask, and from what you've typed, it seems that she is waiting for your to make a move. Go for it and whatever happens, happens.

    If nothing else, it'll make for a funny story later.

    • Thanks for advice an never thought of bombing talking to a girl in the way I like the positive outlook

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    • Remember trying to lift something you weren't sure you could lift... and failed?

      What did you do afterwards? Laugh about it while getting ribbed by your friends and later, you started working towards it.

      Same with dating or hooking up. She's already eye-fucking at the gym, a place where the inverse happens to women many times. She's bold, you likes what you have, and she's waiting for you to make the first move.

      Go for it and don't worry about failing. It happens, you learn something, and then you move on to the next.

    • Alright well when I go later if I see her I'll start up a conversation an see where it goes

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