How to be approachable to guys?

I'm very outgoing with new people and have tons of friends, but I get really nervous when it comes to men I'm attracted to. I know I might not seem it from the way I act, but I'm very inexperienced with sex, I'm in my late twenties, and shy around guys i like. I also seem to say or do the wrong thing, and mess things up before they even get started. I tend to get my hopes up that it will work. I'm not very good at knowing if a guy likes me, unless he flat out tells me.

What is the best way to make myself more approachable? I smile and laugh a lot.

What's the best way to react when a guy acts interested without straight up telling me?

I've been told I'm pretty, so I do wonder if that intimidates guys... Like they think I'm already in a relationship etc or I wouldn't date them so they don't even bother to ask to avoid rejection? Is there any way to let a guy know I am interested without being too forward?

Since things haven't always worked out in the past, any tips to change so it doesn't keep happening again? Or any ideas to have more confidence with guys in general?


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  • Just like you aren't good at telling if guys like you without telling you, guys aren't good at telling if you like them unless you tell them. You smile and laugh a lot, that is fine, but do you smile at the guys? Do you look back at them?

    Anyway, you shouldn't "be more approachable" you should do some more approaching.

    The problem with guys isn't that you aren't approachable, it is that they are shy and nervous themselves. There isn't much you can do about that by being more "approachable" it is a pretty bloated concept that isn't really a big deal.

    How do you make guys lose their fear of approaching? Easily! You approach them instead, and then they don't have a choice but to face their fears.

    If you can't approach them yourself, no matter what signs they may be showing you, how can you expect them to approach you even if you were sending all the right signs?


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  • Maybe you should stop waiting for them to come to you. Try talking to them instead.


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  • Have you thought about going out and picking the guy up that you like instead of waiting for him to talk to you? It sounds like you are very extroverted and a lot of women play the introvert in the hopes to being "classy" and "wanted".

    Fuck that.

    I'd say try being forward and see what the guy makes of it. Most guys aren't used to it, but I think that they would enjoy the experience as they don't have to put on a front.

  • I'd say just be yourself, but I kind've know what you're going through... I find it hard to approach girl in a way in order to be like that too so...

    • Not to be too forward, but if you'd like to talk in PM's as practice and just whatevs, I'll be willing to help. Just throwing it out there.

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