What to do about a girl who still stuck in the past?

Long story, short... This girl I've been talking to for a while now has distanced herself from me and even went as far as ignoring me this past few weeks because she feels as though she's not ready for a relationship. Then I find out from her that she just wants to be friends and that she is still not over the break up. She also said that what she felt for me was real and if she was over her ex and her past, then we could of been something a lot more. But for now she just wants to figure things out. She doesn't know whether she should cling to the past and possible get back with her ex or move on. She broke up with her ex because he was an alcoholic. She knows how i feel about her already and I've already said that only she knows what the right decision is for her. Told her I'll be here if she needs someone to talk to and that I wanted to be that guy to pull her through and get her to move on, if she decided she wants to move on. It's only been a day since we last talked about this and cleared things up. But what do i do? Wait for her to contact me or I contact her asking how she's doing? Stay friends with her, be there when she needs me, and risk getting hurt because i truly care for her or just completely disappear? Any advice, tips, and opinions will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Get some time off.


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