What are my chances of girls saying yes to me if I ask them out?

I am not very confident in myself and incredibly shy, I am looking for some motivation/encouragement, and advice in asking women out. I am looking to start dating women, since I have been off the market for the past 19 years, because I just found out that apparently I as the man HAVE to ask the woman out (I dont see why my gender decides that but thats another story), and if I ever want a girlfriend I can't just wait for a girl to come up to me, since it likely won't happen. So I want to ask women out, but I am nervous and won't do it unless there is a high chance of success. I am 21, I am tall, blonde haired, and my family and family friends have always told me I am handsome. although I have never been complimented by women not related to me on my looks, and girls never talk to me so I think thats a sign I am probably just average. Anyway if a nice guy who appears to have his stuff in order asked a girl out would a girl say yes? There is nothing really that wrong with me, I dont do drugs, or drink, I dont even really curse that much, I am loyal, respectful to everyone I meet, I am family oriented, career minded, and well planned for the future, so I would think that a girl would give an average looking guy like me a chance right cause those are pretty good traits? Well here is the deal, I have eyed up about 4 girls that I think are beautiful, and through facebook stalking them I know they are single. I really can't decide which one to ask out, since I like them all, how do I decide?

Would that be weird though to ask her out out of the blue?
Would a girl say yes if a guy she doesn't know asks her out?
How do I get closer with her if I can't ask her out at first?
What are her chances of saying yes to me if I ask her out? What if my face gets red and I stutter when asking her out (I get so nervous that I can't help it), will that affect her decision?

I am looking for a girlfriend by the way, not a 1 time date.


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  • If you are looking for a girlfriend and not 1 time date, I recommend you to get to know the girl first before asking for a date or a relationship. Since you have being stalking her through Facebook, I suppose you met her at work, school, etc. Find a topic you share with the girl, and talk, or text. Find an excuse to get their phone if you don't have it.
    In that way you give her the opportunity to know you, so when you ask, that won't be so out of the blue. Also, texting and talking to her, will be, at least for my understanding, a good signal for her that you are interested.
    If she doesn't know you very well, and not attracted to you, she might give you a negative answer.
    I wouldn't mind if your face gets red. I would find it adorable. So I don't think it would be a problem for other girls.
    By the way, you have 4 girls to pick, but remember there is always someone that we always like the most, or a person with whom we feel we have a special conection. Go for her.


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  • It's a 25% chance since girls are unpredictable but a 50% chance with older women since they just tell you which I love


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  • I am gonna tell you my story so you would get the point. I was going for 2 years with this guys in the same class, never noticed him, never even bothered to memorize his name. Then after some time he came to me and asked me to go for lunch together. i kindly said im not hungry so he would go away. And he did. Again, after some time he started writing to me on fb and i got a little interested. Then we went for coffee and i was even more interested. I liked the way he talked, the way he laughed, everything that i didn't like before. Now we're in a great relationship, we love each other. So my point is, when you pick a girl to ask out even if she says no. Its not that big of a deal, you might have a chance again. Give her some time. Find some way to approach her but not scare her. Social media is a good way so she can have a feeling, she's not going out with a complete stranger. And in my case when my guy was nervous, I liked him even more so that doesn't matter. Relax and do it :)


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