Why do Rappers and Bands make music about sex with multiple girls when they all have girlfriends and wives?

All of my favorite artists sing or rap about smashing chicks going to perties and hitting blunts. But on instagram they post pictures of theyre wife and kids. These are the guys who say they sleep with 5+ girls im every song they make! Some examples are Snoop Dogg, Kid Ink, Drake, Fronzilla, Rick Ross, Migos, Hodgy Beats, etc. How are they sleeping with thousands of women if they all have girlfriends/wives?


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  • Because that's what sells. Music that gets played at clubs is going to be on the promiscuous side. No one wants to dance in a room full of attractive strangers to lyrics about their one and only beautiful woman. Music is powerful, and sets the tone for a situation. Playing music with lyrics about meeting women and sleeping with them reflects the situation that a club provides.

    I know that clubs aren't the only place or reason this music is listened to. I don't like it, so I can't say why people listen to it on their mp3 player, but that's the best reason I can think of as to why these artists have lyrics like that.


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