Thoughts on a guy I am dating not driving me home?

I've been dating him for about 3 months now. We live about 30 mins away ( by car) and the other day we were out at a partying and at about 2:00am he didn't offer me a ride home or anything. Now he had been drinking earlier on but was no longer drunk.

I just find it weird because he didn't bother to even follow through and see if I made it home alright. He just walked me to my taxi and that was it.



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  • You're fussing over absolutely nothing of substance. It was 2am, super late, he had been drinking. He was tired and knew you were in the cab safe. Sounds reasonable.

    It might have been nice of him to text to make sure you were ok, but it's silly for you to expect it or be frustrated when it doesn't come.

    • Yeah I don't know my guy friends usually go out of their way to take me home... I am pretty sure if i had texted any one of them and they had been sleeping they would have come picked me up

    • And that's cool you have friends that would do that, but that's not the same situation.

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  • Maybe he thought you were a big girl who could take care of herself and it was late enough that he just wanted to go home?

    If you want him to not treat you like a responsible adult then you need to talk him about it.


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  • I can't understand how he can be drinking earlier and then no longer drunk that got me puzzled for sure. If you went home by taxi then consider yourself lucky


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