Do I risk everything to be with him at the chance we could wind up nothing?

i have a hard time risking something good for something more.
we were new friends and he chased me and won me over but by the time i let him in, he was tired of fighting, he told me he wouldn't push us anymore and told me we would never be.

  • it's too late.
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  • just be friends.
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  • A guy is only going to chase a girl he thinks wants him back.


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  • I think it depends...
    Why did it take you so long to let him in? Is it something that happens with any guy thats interested in you? Or was there something about this guy that you werent sure about? Is it likely that this will be a repeating pattern if you don't take a risk?
    If you love him and he's a decent guy then maybe it is worth the risk...


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  • Well you could do nothing and gain nothing or confront him and run the risk of gaining something. I think its rather apparent what should be done.

  • Nah don't accept that friendzone, give it one last push and if he still resist then ya gotta kill ya feelings and be friends or walk

  • That's just something you'll have to take a risk on. I mean, it's not up to us, go with your gut


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