Your partner wants to lay at your feet when you sleep?

Like cuddling a pillow or a stuffed animal to their face but it's your feet? ?

  • I guess, keep my feet warm
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  • Uh HH, no. Get out of my bed!
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  • Whatever floats their boat! <3
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  • My only problem with this is I actually like to cuddle and them cuddling my feet doesn't count. So they can cuddle me until I fall asleep the cuddle my feet I guess.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I'm like super ticklish so I might give him a black eye with my foot...

    • I'm only ticklish around my midsection so this excuse won't work

    • But MY feet are ticklish. So him touching them would be bad.

  • I know I twitch in my sleep. I would hate to accidentally kick him in my sleep!. but sure, if he liked!. ( and he dared)

  • i voted get out
    i would prefer him next to me... not to my feet


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