Should I ask him out & if so, specifically, how?

Hi! I'm a little embarrassed to be asking for some input. I'm a college student. But, I have a little crush on a former (emphasis on former) teacher assistant of mine. He's a bit socially awkward and quiet, but very sweet and intelligent. I developed a crush throughout the class duration. However, it's been over for a bit, and I can't seem to get over this crush. I feel like a little girl, haha! Anyway, it's been a while since I've been in the whole "dating" field, as I got off of a pretty long relationship, a month or so before I met my crush.

I'm a fairly confident, social person that's comfortable with my image as well ( I say I'm average, and proud ;D ) . However, when it comes to this guy, I'm extremely shy. I talk to my friends about him. And, I've talked about him enough that it got to the point where one of them took my phone added him on one of my social networks. He accepted it too! As far as any signs from him, I can't really say because he was my teacher's assistant for most of the time I've known him. But, he was extremely helpful and did check up on how I was doing during the class via email every now and then. I was able to ask him before the class ended, if it's still possible to ask him any questions for any future classes that he could help me with and said, he'd be happy to help! This way I can still keep in contact with him ;D lastly, after the class was over, he went on vacation and I emailed him questions regarding the final results (which he was still responding) and if I could see my results, so he told me a date and time, which turned out to be the very first thing he did coming back from vacation. So, I think that's a good thing?

Now, I just need some input on what I should do? If I did ask him out, how and what should I say? I would prefer guys' input! thanks in advance!


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  • Oh this seems tricky.. I don't want to get your hopes up but he just maybe helping you out on a professional level. But anyways..

    IF by any chance you want to try and give it a go, say something like "Hey, was just wondering if you were free on (insert free time here), and grab something to eat with me if you are ok with that"
    and see what he says.