How do I know if it is the right time to ask her out?

Ok... There is this girl. She is one of the most beautyfull girls you will ever meet, a popular model and famours from TV here in my country. My company needed someone famous to help promote their stuff, and that is how we first got in contact since that is my area... :)
We went from email to facebook chatting, and we have been chatting for some time now. Not just work, but chit chatting, joking around with each other etc.
I really want to ask her out for coffee... But how do you know it is the right time? Any suggestions? Keep in mind that girls like her gets hit on every day...

Just one note: I haven't meet her in person. Our communication has only been online. Just in case someone wonders why I dont ask her in person :)


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  • GO FOR IT!!!

    • Hehe... Thank you for that :)
      However, if she turns it down it could get awkward as we need to keep our business relation. So I wanted to know if there was any kind of signs or something else that could indicate that it was the right time?

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    • Well. I asked her...
      She said that she wished I had asked her earlier, cause she was busy all weekend with homework and work...
      So I asume it is still good?
      Wait a week and ask again?

    • Yeah definitely wait a while and causally put it in if she says no again then wait until she asks you

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