Is this a turn on or turn off?

I am seeing this guy on and off. We only kiss, no sex. My parents are going on a trip so I am planning to invite him over... but again, no sex. However, I would like to make out with him once more and maybe spoil him by bathing him while he is in the bathtub relaxing? he works hard so I guess he will appreciate this? will you fall in love with her? is this something a guy likes?


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  • yes we like that thats how it should be instead of sex sex sex maybe consider a good dinner at somepoint and some cuddle time some make out time a relevant movie you both will like makes for a great night for both sides especially if he works hard every day there's nothing quite like a bath and a nice message to relax the muscles and some food that he likes ohhh yes thats the stuff we could only dream would happen make it a reality for this lucky man stay happy stay healthy stay beautifull

    • sounds all good, do you think he will want to see me again? will he be thinking about me more?

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  • That would be quite relaxing if he were a female. But he's a male and he will end up being frustrated due to "no sex". He will end up being turned on and he will not be able to release the pressure of it.
    Basically, blue balls will happen :p.


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  • It's a turn off because of the no sex. It's a nice gesture but it's a super tease to have a girl you like rubbing over your wet naked body and nothing sexual but a kiss is going to come of it.

  • Depends if he wants to be bath or not tho. Or you can try other methods, like getting what he likes, or seducing him.

    • why wouldn't he like it? just because no sex? maybe I should consider having sex?

    • Asking if he wants to be bath is sorta weird in my opinion, but if he likes it then bravo. And if you don't want to give in, don't.

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