My crush since the 3rd grade is she interested in me and should I ask her out?

Ok so I met a grade and 3rd grade we used to compete on grades so much that in 3rd grade we would both fight for the top spot in class racing to get papers done quicker than each other and running into each other face as a child she would always look and watch me during class she was smart which I liked and challenged me intellectual but I back then o told myself I liked her but kept it to myself i weighted 300 pounds I wanted to a great guy just for her so I started walking everyday just so I could see her come home and just to see her smile she was all I could think bout and I loved how smart she was to me she was perfect! I lose 125 pounds in a year now I'm running but now as I'm out running she watches me from time to time from her bedroom window peeks the curtain back and sometimes opens her window like what nevertheless I was like oh she likes me so time has past and she is doing it again bout a month ago I told her how I felt but she had a boyfriend at the time so I focused on catching back up with her in schooling now in college I've. And Associates and computer science and I am currently working as a computer to continue my education come spring i sent her a friend request on Facebook she accepted after 3days why so long? But i message her from time to time and just say just last month I told when we are done with school I'm taking her out on that date but she didn't reply but what should I do ask her out or just wait she's a bit confusing shows interest but I guess I love never just asked her out direct so I don't know


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  • I am sorry, but she doesn't sound interested in you, otherwise she would not ignore your message about you asking her out.

    • Then why does she still peek out the window at me? It just doesn't make any sense

    • Could be she's sexually attracted to me but doesn't want a full on relationship there is because I'm black and she comes from a country lifestyle so her father doesn't like black people so she might be hesitant? I don't know I do know I'm going to continue on with my education I only got 1year left then I'll have my bachelors in computer engineering so I have a lot of stuff going for me

    • It has nothing to do with you being black. She is just not interested.

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