Second date tips and help please?

I went on a date with a guy that I’ve been talking to for maybe a few days before Christmas. The date went real well, we talked better than I thought since I’m normally real shy and quiet at first but I felt like I could act myself around him since we have a lot in common, but we saw a movie and after we didn’t talk much but we where both tired. I did make some mistakes like mentioning my ex since he had a necklace that my ex gave me from a festival, I didn’t want to say anything but I guess I made a face towards it and he asked what was wrong, I told him but changed the subject. I think the big one was when he got me home. He was taking his seat belt off and at the time I didn’t think he would want to walk me to the door, I just hugged him and said something like 'we should hang out again'.

Was that really bad?

Since then he has been acting kind of off when I talk to him online, but just a few hours ago we talked real well again. I did ask him that I wanted to either hang out at my place or his place or just go out; he liked the idea but didn’t want to make plans yet because of his work. I live with my dad and it’s a somewhat small apartment, and he lives alone which I’m iffy with since we only had one date so far. We clicked better than I thought we would, but I have only been with one guy in the 23 years I’ve been alive and we dated almost 5 years, so this whole thing is still new to me so I am unsure what to do next to show him that I want to date him, but not act desperate.

So please help!


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  • well the main advice I have is don't worry about it you want to seem confident in yourself. its not that bad that you mentioned your ex-boyfriend as long as it wasn't and won't be a theme. try to let the guy make a move at the end of the night. if he took his seatbelt off he may of tried to hug or kiss you or even walk you to the door. it's just a good action to gauge the date on. leave yourself a little mysterious don't try to talk to him all the time, but make sure he knows your around. and like I said try to have fun and not worry


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